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Community Break-ins - July 21, 2008


Please be advised that Tivoli Woods has experienced 6 home break-ins, that we are aware of, within the past 2-3 weeks. Three (4) home invasions have occurred in Oak Crest, one in the Sanctuary and one at Bella Vista. We also had one auto break-in in Oak Crest on Walnut Ridge Drive in this time frame.

OPD has been contacted with regard to each of these incidents. Each break-in has involved the breaking of a window (bathroom or back-end bedroom). Our understanding is that most break-ins have occurred at homes of families who were away, and homes which are surrounded by the wooded areas.

There is a possibility that the suspect(s) may possibly be a resident of Oak Crest or be somehow affiliated to someone in Oak Crest. The suspects tend to run away on foot leading us to believe they are hiding within our community or running through the conservation area and escaping to a waiting vehicle.. The most recent incident, which occurred at the Sanctuary, involved two (2) Hispanic males targeting a home which was occupied. The suspects ran into Oak Crest and were not apprehended.

Specifically, here is some information gathered by resident witnesses and OPD.

It is believed the suspects are operating in some sort of "ring" or gang. Apparently our neighborhood has been identified as an easy target. The suspects are Black and Hispanic young men. Some have been seen wearing basketball outfits w/hats or bandanna's (gray or red) and others who appear to be "fishing" in our ponds, are wearing regular clothes.

The suspects are walking around the target home speaking on a cellular phone the entire time. Look out for an old, green, Ford F-150 pickup. This vehicle is driven around by one or two black males. Additionally, they seem to be casing the neighborhood early in the morning between the hours of 2 a.m. and 5 a.m. and during the daytime between 8:30 am and 2:30 pm.

Recently we have also had strangers, who do not live in our community, driving in, parking by the pool or tennis court and then "fishing" in our ponds. On two occasions the person will pretend to be fishing, then proceed to walk around the pond and make his way into the conservation area - coming out at the other side of the subdivision. Again, we believe these individuals are casing the neighborhood, looking for travel routes and choosing target homes.

Simple steps you can take to secure your home include utilizing your home alarm, be sure to lock all windows and if you will be out of town, have a neighbor watch over your home. Please do not leave your garage doors open and unattended. Also, lock your vehicles parked in your driveway and do not leave valuables in your vehicle over night.. We ask that all homeowners be vigilant in keeping our eyes and ears open to anyone in our neighborhood.

The HOA is presently working on coordinating a Neighborhood Watch program. We anticipate having a meeting with the Neighborhood Watch representative in the near future. Please look for a future e-mail advising of the date of the meeting, which will be held at the Pool Cabana for everyone convenience.

If anyone knows anything with regards to these incidents please contact OPD. If you notice anyone in the neighborhood you do not recognize, including in our conservation areas or by the pond, please contact OPD and notify them of the suspicious person/s.

It is unfortunate that we are experiencing this problem at this time. This information is not meant to frighten anyone. Issues like these occur in subdivisions everywhere. However, we are sharing this information to raise awareness of what can happen when we become lax and do not engage ourselves as neighbors and as a community. However, as a united family of homeowners, we will secure our neighborhood and let these individuals know they are not welcome here.


Oak Crest HOA

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