Approved House Colors


The color schemes displayed on this page were approved by your community, and are shown here as a convenience to residents. Although every care has been taken to correctly represent the schemes that are in the color scheme books, if any contradictions occur, the schemes shown in the official color scheme books shall prevail. Due to individual computer monitor settings, colors seen here may not accurately reflect the approved paint colors. Color standards may also change over time, therefore please consult with your HOA Community Manager before starting your painting project.

The color schemes in the official color scheme books are the only ones approved for use on the exterior of houses within the Oak Crest community.

The 4-digit number before each color name (e.g. 6166 Eclipse) is the Sherwin-Williams color code; however, it is NOT required for residents to use Sherwin-Williams paint, only that the paint used matches the Sherwin-Williams paint colors listed. Home Depot and Lowes have most of the Sherwin-Williams color codes cross-referenced on their paints.

You may also preview the color schemes on the Sherwin-Williams Visualizer.

After narrowing down your choices using this web page, to confirm your color choices we strongly suggest that you obtain samples from your local paint supplier

After confirming your color choices, if you are changing the existing colors on your house, please remember to submit an ARC Application Form for approval BEFORE starting to paint.

Color Schemes

Scheme 1

Body: 6107 Nomadic Desert
Trim: 6105 Divine White
Door: 6166 Eclipse

Scheme 2

Body: 6150 Universal Khaki
Trim: 6105 Divine White
Door: 6172 Hardware

Scheme 3

Body: 2016 Canberra
Trim: 2421 Nimbus White
Door: 2294 Carriage Door

Scheme 4

Body: 6003 Proper Gray
Trim: 6266 Discreet White
Door: 2942 Liberty Blue

Scheme 5

Body: 6394 Sequin
Trim: 6378 Crisp Linen
Door: 2230 Herbivore

Scheme 6

Body: 2022 Dry Dock
Trim: 2214 Traditional Ivory
Door: 2007 Nightscape

Scheme 7

Body: 6073 Perfect Greige
Trim: 6098 Pacer White
Door: 6243 Distance

Scheme 8

Body: 6143 Basket Beige
Trim: 6385 Dover White
Door: 6027 Cordovan

Scheme 9

Body: 6141 Softer Tan
Trim: 6137 Burlap
Door: 2803 Rookwood Terra Cotta

Scheme 10

Body: 6158 Sawdust
Trim: 2060 Casa Blanca
Door: 6244 Naval

Scheme 11

Body: 2005 Keystone Gray
Trim: 2003 Stucco Greige
Door: 2006 Mockingbird

Scheme 12

Body: 2445 Creamy White
Trim: 2213 Sahara Sand
Door: 2820 Downing Earth

Scheme 13

Body: 2067 Maison Blanche
Trim: 2123 White
Door: 2107 Province Blue